About Diana O'Donnell

Diana O'Donnell
Licensed Esthetician & Hydrafacialist

Welcome! I'm an Esthetician & Hydrafacialist in Naples, FL with a boutique facial studio inside The Beauty District salon. I created this online skin care shop out of a desire for added convenience of my clientele. Whether in Naples, or elsewhere throughout the year, you can always get personalized recommendations for skin care from me.

Being in Naples, FL with almost 20 years in the skin care industry - my focus is on anti-aging and hyperpigmentation, but I enjoy the challenge of every skin type and condition. I create in-office treatments and home care regimens that are intensive, corrective and totally individualized. Besides being a Certified Hydrafacialist, I'm also certified in Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent and a variety of Chemical Peels.​ Through working with clients in my facial studio and being generally obsessed with all things skin care, I decided to share the products I offer in my practice with you online. I hope you enjoy my specially curated collection of some of the finest skin care products available.

xo, Diana